Two mature club owned lakes dug in the late 40’s, early 50’s by the Salisbury Gravel Company.
Secure fenced car parking. with a members only combination lock.
Regular bailiff checks, Mike Britten & Tony Salmi.
On site toilet.
Easy access & a short walk to the first lake.
Regularly maintained & landscaped.
Complete 360 fence with electric on top to keep the otters out & the fish in when we have floods. Both lakes have carp to 30lb, with a good smattering of doubles & twenties to keep the carp boys & girls happy.
There are also a handful of rarely caught grass carp including our club record of 20lb 3oz.
The lake also holds our record crucian carp of 3lb 14oz, again there aren’t many but one or two quality fish.
Tench to 6lb have been caught, but most are 2 ½ – 4 ½lb.
Bream to 7lb 2ox, Roach, Rudd & Perch to 2lb plus.
Pike to 20lb, but most are 4-10lb & Eels.

Carp are targeted on boilies / pellets etc..
The first lake you come to from the car park is Hands Lake.
Depths range from 3′ at the car park end to 10′ at the far end.
Several fish holding islands with over hanging trees, including an artificial “floating island” installed to reduce nitrates plus lots of lilies.
The far lake is Clarks Lake, the family name of one of owners of the Salisbury Gravel Company.
The first swims you come to are the deepest with depths to 11′.
The far end, which backs on to the River Avon is around 3-5′ deep.
The silver fish can be caught on the pole or waggler to the lillies. Maggot & caster for numbers of fish, but corn & pellet for quality.
Corn, pellet or paste for the tench & bream, don’t fish too light near the lilies, 5lb minimum line & strong elastic.