Sutton Veny is dry fly and nymph water on the upper Wylye near to Warminster. This is a premium wild fishery with good stocks of trout and grayling. There are three beats offering space for 9 rods. Woodlands has faster gravelly water some deeper slower runs and a hatch pool, the Gauging Station beat winds more slowly through mature meadows, the top beat offers the use of a fishing hut and is very quiet and private. No wading is permitted though a foot in the edge to net or release is allowable. The banks are kept to a reasonable standard but there are areas where the casting is more difficult because of tree cover and in places the banks are uneven on Woodlands . The owner has managed the fishery for its natural character, wildlife and wild fish stocks. We share these aims and members will find all the peace and quiet they require. There is a good fly life throughout and a visit at mayfly time is well worthwhile.