Update on coarse lakes, Petersfinger and Steeple Langford.

A small sub group of the committee met on 30th April to consider the latest position at our two coarse lakes and to assess the mass of information now coming in.  Rob Leachman,  Ben Bentley,  Bob Badham,  John Stoddart and Dom Longley from the committee with Paul Clancy and Mike Britten joining us.  Members are already aware that algal blooms have developed at the four lakes and that fish have died at Petersfinger.   Staff and outside agencies have been dealing with this for the last few weeks and the committee would like to thank the keepers, bailiffs, volunteers and the agency staff who have assisted with this sometimes extremely unpleasant task.  The agencies have deployed some very expensive kit and undertaken a range of tests including post mortems on the club’s behalf.  Particular thanks to Mike Britten who has cared for Petersfinger so well over many years, this has been a very hard time for him and the club values his huge contribution.
The algal blooms appear to be declining at Petersfinger and the fish losses have ended.  We have lost a very large part of the stock of all species in Clark’s lake but fish remain.  We have lost a much smaller number in Hand’s lake where the bulk of the stock remain.  We need to remember that the surviving fish have also been through significant physiological stress and need time to recover.
We have had a confirmed blue green algal bloom at Steeple Langford.  This is dangerous to animals and people so no contact with the water is possible.  There have been no fish losses and the bloom appears to be declining.  Water samples will continue to be tested by the EA and we need to […]

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Fish kills and water quality problems at our coarse lakes

In the last few weeks the club has been dealing with water quality problems resulting in fish losses at our Petersfinger lakes.   Despite the aeration equipment now installed we have lost fish in both Clarke’s and Hand’s lakes. The losses are significant and continuing. In addition water quality at Steeple Langford has deteriorated with a confirmed blue green algal bloom which means that contact with the water can be dangerous for both people and animals. It may yet result in further fish losses.

The cause of the losses at Petersfinger and the bloom at Langford are under investigation by the Environment Agency and are not known at this stage but are very likely to be similar to that which have affected other lakes around the south and which we experienced at Steeple Langford two years ago.   Put simply toxic substances appear in the water as a result of the breakdown of algal blooms which are aided by weather conditions and excessive nutrients in the water.

These are complex biological problems which are not easily solved but clearly result from the slow development of lakes towards an algae based ecology helped by excessive nutrient from silts, ground water, introduced material such as bait, from other diffuse sources and the changing structure of our fish populations.  Many will remember that our lakes at one time had much more weed and that sort of plant based ecology is where we need to be.

This is a known phenomenon and a great many maturing lakes experience this drift towards a higher risk environment for fish. A plant based ecology in the lakes is much more likely to be sustainable and much more likely to avoid problems of toxicity.

We are currently completing improvements […]

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Beware EA Rod Licence Rip Off

The Environment Agency has advised the public to beware of third party websites offering to buy fishing licences on behalf of anglers.

The Environment Agency has received reports from anglers who have used third party websites and been charged up to double the price for a licence. There have also been instances of anglers being charged a fee but not receiving a licence as quickly as they would expect.

These websites are not endorsed by the Environment Agency and anyone wanting to buy a fishing licence should go direct to the GOV.UK website.

Please make sure you have the right website if you use a search engine to find GOV.UK. On the GOV.UK website you can buy a 12 month fishing licence from £30. Junior licences are free for 13-16 year olds at GOV.UK. It’s quick and easy – just go to GOV.UK

Official Rod Licence Prices

Licence type Trout and coarse 2-rod Salmon and sea trout
8-day £12 £27
12-month £30 £82
12-month – over 65 or disabled £20 £54
12-month – junior (13 to 16) Free Free

DO NOT USE  these sites:

You will end up paying at least 50% more

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Fiver Rivers Festival Monday 27th May 2019

Fiver Rivers Festival – Bank Holiday Monday 27th May 2019
Salisbury & District Angling Club will be attending the Fiver Rivers Festival on the Bank Holiday Monday, 27th Nay 2019.  We will have a stand on Ashley Green opposite the Fire Station.  Club officials will be on hand to talk about the Club, the habitat work that the Club undertakes on the five rivers and local stillwaters and the new Small Fry Club. Our entomology experts will be their to show people the insects that live in the five rivers and to talk about the Anglers Riverfly Monitoring Initiative and the Benchmarking studies the Club is involved in.  We look forward to welcoming members and non-members alike
Further Details HERE

Fiver Rivers Festival - Salisbury & District Angling Club

Salisbury Five Rivers Festival - Salisbury & District Angling Club

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The London Fly Fishing Fair

The London Fly Fishing Fair brings together the best of what the fly fishing world has to offer, all in the heart of London. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, or somewhere in between, this is the ideal place to meet up with other S&DAC Members just before our season begins.  Learn from the best with the top casting demonstrators and professionals in the industry everything fly fishing.

Opening Times
Friday 22nd March 2019 – 10:00 to 20:00
Saturday 23rd March 2019 – 10:00 to 16:00

Check on Forum to see who else is going and when.

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Watergate Farm Lake Closure.

Watergate Farm Day Lake – Map 38 in Membership Year Book.

We have been informed by the lake owner that the lake will be closed from Thursday 15th of November until further notice.
Further information will be available on the Members Forum when available.

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UK; River Itchen Weed Cutting Dates 2019

River Itchen Weed Cutting Dates 2019

The river Itchen Weed Cutting dates  2019 have now been finalised by the Environment Agency and The Test & Itchen Association.

Sector A: River Itchen Weed Cutting Above Durngate Sluice ( Winchester)

Sector A Cutting Dates Sector A Clearing Off Dates
Thursday 2nd May – Monday 6th May Tuesday 7th May
Wednesday 5th June – Wednesday 12th June Thursday 13th June –Friday 14th June
Thursday 4th July – Wednesday 10th July Thursday 11th July – Friday 12th July
Tuesday 13th Aug – Tuesday 20th Aug Wednesday 21st August – Thursday 22nd August

Sector B: River Itchen Weed Cutting Below Durngate Sluice ( Winchester)

Sector B: River Itchen Weed Cutting Dates 2019 Sector B Clearing Off Dates
Friday 3rd May – Tuesday 7th May Wednesday 8th May
Thursday 6th June – Thursday 13th June Friday 14th June – Saturday 15th June
Friday 5th July – Thursday 11th July Friday 12th July – Saturday 13th July
Wednesday 14th Aug – Wednesday 21st August Thursday 22nd – Friday 23rd Aug

Weed may be cut any time after 2nd October 2018 until 15th April 2019. Owners are asked to ensure that cutting is completed before trout spawning begins and that cut bank side vegetation is not allowed to fall in the river.

1. Weed Cutting should start at the beginning of the dates allowed. You must inform your downstream neighbour when you have finished clearing off and of any subsequent problems. Regular communication with your neighbours upstream and downstream is essential to ensure trouble-free weed cutting and clearing down. Weed cutting boats should finish one day before the end of […]

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