The Bulbridge fishery is found in Wilton on the River Nadder. The Nadder is the most variable of the South Wiltshire catchment. It rises and falls easily and can be high and coloured after heavy rain. As a result it also boasts some very good habitat with lots of mobile gravel providing good spawning for trout and salmon. The fishery is entered from South St where the return book and disc board are situated. Cross the paddock and enter via the metal gates on the flood bank. To make the best of Bulbridge wading is necessary though there are some deep runs and care is necessary. A new bypass stream was constructed in 2015 and adds more variety to an already varied stretch. Don’t miss the carrier found by taking the left fork after fishing up from the South St bridge. This is a wild fishery with plenty of trout and grayling and some coarse fish, catch and release is advised.