River Avon, West Amesbury

Two miles of double and single bank fishing, situated 7 miles North of Salisbury and 2 miles from Stonehenge.

The fishery is renowned for the quality of its water and aquatic fly populations. Mayfly hatches are spectacular and the summer evenings offer ample opportunity to observe rising fish to numerous Blue Wing Olive spinners. The stretch offers great landscape variety, from open meadow land to wooded sections, deep pools and fast riffles.

A number of habitat improvement projects have taken place over the last 20 years. Firstly a 500m section was restored directly below Queensberry Bridge with the assistance of the Wild Trout Trust, Environment Agency and Game Conservancy. Further restoration of this fishery occurred in 2010 below South Mill and 2011 below Ham Hatches to Allenby Bridge. The Club has further plans to continue the restoration of this fishery in 2016 and beyond.

The habitat improvement works have resulted in thriving populations of wild trout and grayling and very healthy invertebrate life. As a natural consequence, the club decided to reduce the number of stocked brown trout. The vast majority of the fish caught at West Amesbury are wild brown trout and grayling. Most of our anglers voluntarily practice catch and release respecting wild fish populations, although the opportunity to catch and dispatch a stocked brown is still there.

This water opens on April 1st and also offers the added attraction of Autumn/Winter Grayling fishing from October 16th until 31st December. Partial wading is allowed where indicated. Adult members may be accompanied by one non fishing friend. Junior members may be accompanied by a non fishing parent or guardian. No dogs allowed. Club Members may purchase day guest tickets.

Fishing Methods Single Upstream Dry Fly from April 1st to June 30th. Single Upstream Dry Fly and Nymph, from July 1st adhering to chalk stream etiquette.