Wellow  Lakes  Two independent lakes.
Both are all year round fisheries and are very popular with the pleasure coarse angler. You are asked to sign in and sign out when you visit. A return book is placed at both lakes.

Nightingale Lake

Nightingale has 10 to 12 individual swims good access and parking within a dedicated car park. A small island provides cover for fish at the beginning of the lake. Carp and Tench form the species within the lake and you are likely to make contact with the odd eel.

Carp, well into double figures have regularly been caught with the occasional fish over 20 lbs. Tench will be around 2 to 4lbs. Carp can be caught on the fly during the summer months as well as from the surface using floating bred and traditional methods.

The lake offers a quiet tranquil environment and is undergoing sympathetic landscaping with attention being given to the appearance and improvement of the meadow surrounding the lake.

The facility offered to our anglers by the new riparian owner demonstrates the commitment he has to the fishery.

Dandy’s Lake.

Access to this lake is along Dandy’s ford lane entering the fishery though a gated entrance (combination lock) into a dedicated car park. There is space for up to 8 vehicles.

The lake is easily reached and there are fishing swims cut around the perimeter with a small island nearest to the car park.

Again carp is the main species together with tench and roach to be found within the lake. Eels are also caught during the summer months. The carp range in size to 17 lbs+ with other species coming in at various weights.

This lake is not fished as much as Nightingale as the access is a little more challenging, but is popular with those enjoying a certain amount of solitude.

Both these lakes are day fishing only and night fishing is not allowed.