River Itchen Weed Cutting Dates 2020

The river Itchen Weed Cutting dates 2020 have now been finalised by the Environment Agency and The Test & Itchen Association.

Test & Itchen Association Weed Cutting Dates 2020

Sector A: River Itchen Weed Cutting Above Durngate Sluice ( Winchester)

Sector A Cutting Dates Sector A Clearing Off Dates
Saturday 2nd May – Wednesday 6th May Thursday 7th May
Friday 5th June – Friday 12th June Saturday 13th June –Sunday 14th June
Saturday 4th July – Friday 10th July Saturday  11th July – Sunday 12th July
Thursday 13th Aug – Thursday 20th Aug Friday 21st August – Saturday 22nd August

Sector B: River Itchen Weed Cutting Below Durngate Sluice ( Winchester)

Sector B: River Itchen Weed Cutting Dates 2019 Sector B Clearing Off Dates
Sunday 3rd May – Thursday 7th May Friday 8th May
Saturday 6th June – Saturday 13th June Sunday 14th June – Monday 15th June
Sunday 5th July – Saturday 11th July Sunday 12th July – Monday 13th July
Friday 14th Aug – Friday 21st August Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd Aug

Weed may be cut any time after 2nd October 2019 until 15th April 2020. Owners are asked to ensure that cutting is completed before trout spawning begins and that cut bank side vegetation is not allowed to fall in the river.

1. Weed Cutting should start at the beginning of the dates allowed. You must inform your downstream neighbour when you have finished clearing off and of any subsequent problems. Regular communication with your neighbours upstream and downstream is essential to ensure trouble-free weed cutting and clearing down. Weed cutting boats should finish one day before the end of each cutting period
2. The Environment Agency has granted consent for the general cutting of weed on the River Itchen, and approved the dates above. In the event of low river flows (and high water temperatures) the Environment Agency may request that weed cuts are postponed or reduced in extent in order to maintain water levels and quality. Cutting of weed outside of the authorised dates, without the Agency’s consent, constitutes an offence under Section 90 of the Water Resources Act 1991
3. Grass cuttings and bank trimmings must NEVER be put into the river. Depositing any form of solid waste in the river, including bankside vegetation, is strictly prohibited under Sections 85 and 90 of the Water Resources Act 1991
4. Riparian owners are asked to carry out bank maintenance and other works likely to cause displacement of silt before Christmas, to avoid damage to spawning. The advice of the Agency should be sought before the commencement of any work and the necessary land drainage consents obtained.
5. Weed cutting should be undertaken in a manner which is sensitive to the needs of the river habitat. Overzealous or indiscriminate cutting of river weed or marginal vegetation can negatively impact habitat for healthy fly life, fish and other wildlife.

Please report any weed cut problems in the first instance to the Test & Itchen Association office on 01794 341874 or by email to: administrator@testanditchen.co.uk. Anything you can do to investigate the cause of the problem will help the Association respond effectively.