This fishery is easily accessible with the benefit of having a car park adjacent to the river.

Members are allowed to take one non- fishing guest. This is one of the very few fisheries where non-fishing guests are welcome.

This  is run as a wild, non-stocked, fishery . Despite its proximity to Durrington, it is a lovely peaceful, rural place on the River Avon.

We allow four members to fish this stretch at any one time. It is approximately 600 metres in length. The bottom of the beat extends to 200 metres of bank-fishing; the remainder may be waded. The depth of the water, under normal conditions, is from the knee to the waist.

There is a good head of trout and grayling. In 2014 over 600 fish were caught from only 287 visits.

Anglers’ Monitoring Initiative (AMI) surveys are also conducted in this fishery and olives, mayflies and cased caddis are in abundance.




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