Two connected spring fed mature gravel pits containing a varied bottom of mainly silt, gravel bars and gravel plateaus. Average depth 3 – 5 ft with some deeper spots and shallows offering a challenging topography which means a good plumbing will determine the better spots. Light weed growth all over with occasional weed bed makes for a potential hotspot when located. Lots of marginal shelves and overhanging vegetation for the angler to try. Stock is consisted of carp, bream, rudd, roach, pike, perch, tench and eels. Carp up to 40lb, large shoals of bream in the 3-5lb bracket, quality tench, but not as numerous as the bream, lots of skimmers, rudd, perch, roach etc. pike up tp 20lb but location important, lots of jacks though.

Mainly used by the carp angler as this is an easy twenty water with plenty in the 30+ bracket. Do not ignore the smaller lake as it has just as many specimen carp as the larger (White Bird) lake.

The stealthy, thinking angler will be rewarded no matter what his quarry with all the usual baits and tactics. Feeder with red maggot the best option for the bream, but spodding and small boilies also produce large numbers.

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