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Subscription Renewal Reminder – Final Call
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Subscription rates agreed at the AGM held on Tuesday January 11th 2019
Game Full/Associate £265.00
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Renewals need to be received by 30th April at the very latest to secure membership.  There are many on the waiting list that would like a place.

Renewals can be done by cheque, cash, or BACS transfers but preferably online.

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Game FishingJohn Stoddart Vice Chair Game

The game fishing section of the club goes from strength to strength. There are some years in the club’s history when very important  things have happened securing our future. I count among these several great fishery acquisitions, Durnford and the upper Wylye beats come to mind as examples. Then there are decisions such as the opening up of the game fishing to associate members which gave us the funds to acquire more and improve our waters without overstressing them. I also count the move to online renewals steamlining our financial and admin processes as one of those big steps forward for the club..

I believe that 2018/2019 has been one of those important years. We have completed the land purchase at Bonnymead, Amesbury, creating a combined asset with  the fishing rights we already own and a good strip of surrounding  land which we can manage for the best interests of the fishery. The  combined value will greatly enhance our capital asset base.  We hold water on all of Salisbury’s five rivers but our holding on the Ebble has been limited. This is a great little river with a deserved high reputation amongst the chalk streams. After a long negotiation we have secured the Homington Meadows beat with the Longford Estate. A lot of work was needed to get it in to shape, the Estate workforce and our own  have worked wonders. It is a great addition to our portfolio and further details will be sent out later in the year when the fishery is finally ready for opening.

The club’s “New Waters Fund” is something that we have been promoting in recent years, many members have made donations at renewal time and other sources of funds have been directed to it. This has enabled us to purchase Bonnymead and to spread our wings on the Ebble. Thank you to all those who have contributed. This year donations continue at a generous level and will go towards any future opportunities presenting themselves to the club.  We don’t spend willy nilly on new water, we know what we want and where we want it. A bit of the Ebble had been a long held ambition and there are a few more key opportunities we will be watching out for. Once again thank you for enabling the club to flourish.

These are notable events in the club’s history rightly deserving a little noise made about them. However behind the scenes the club has steadily been undergoing change to a much more planned and evidence based approach to the management of our assets. I want to thank our staff and our small dedicated team of volunteers and casual workers who have done so much to implement the plans and schemes of 2018/2019. The work list since the end of last season has been impressive.

The river improvements at Amesbury, the long berm and back stream.

The restoration of the Ratfyn beat. The restoration at Countess.

The extensive tree work and massive fencing excercise at Bonnymead.

The re laying of willow below Sleeper bridge to enhance the beat and relieve flooding.

The preparation of a new fishery at Homington.

In addition the game side keepers have contributed significant work to the mixed and coarse waters with a lake restoration at Dandy’s and work at Folds Farm. It is a wonder they have had time for the routine of tree pinning, bank repair, bridge building, replacement returns boxes , early season mowing, grannom transplant scheme and more that set the fisheries up for the 1st April every year, but they have and I am sure you appreciate their efforts.

The season starts with all waters open, some muddy banks at West Amesbury but a generally drying picture. Flow levels are good with a little colour in the Avon and we have seen the first of the big hatches , the grannom, starting to show in the warm spells.

The rainbow lakes are fishing well again after a poor year in 2018 with very high temperatures putting the fish in to a  state of inactivity. I personally have my doubts about the future of small water rainbow trout  fishing if we see a continuing warming picture. The smaller lakes can’t provide the conditions for healthy survival of trout in hot weather. We are not in crisis yet and we shall see but it is worth raising this warning.

Stocking for 2019 will be as for 2018. Same numbers, same beats, same supplier. The stock fish will be marked with a blue tag this year. (See page 6 in your year book) Please record all tagged fish in the returns books. The information we gather from the coloured tags is vital to fishery management. Please do not kill untagged fish, if you want fish for the pot take the stockies, by the end of the season we want them gone from the water so far as is possible. Last years stockies performed well with a much higher caught rate than in previous years.

Dates for annual weed cutting are in your year book and on our web site. Some members find the cut frustrating if they have travelled a long way and not checked the dates. Remember there will be weed in the river system for several days after the cut with club’s cutting all the way up the river and it all coming down through our water. We have the lowest game beats on the Avon so we get it all through. We now hand cut most of our beats enabling a more sympathetic approach. We sold our weed boat last year and now have a contractor in for the more difficult deep sections. Volunteers who want to try out weed cutting will be welcome. We start with cutting a channel down through Salisbury behind the cathedral and down to the collecting boom below Harnham Bridge. This enables all the weed from upriver to reach the boom. We move on upstream beat by beat. We will post information on the club forum about the progress of the weed cuts and other conditions affecting the rivers please sign up to the forum and keep an eye on developments.

Please remember that we are a club that promotes the traditional chalk stream style of upstream dry fly and nymph where possible to sighted fish. There are lots of fishing styles that might tempt members to boost their catch but it is not our way. No apology for this, it is what we are. Enjoy the slower pace, the whole fishing scene and disciplines involved. Other methods are welcome on the mixed fisheries and please don’t think they are second best for trout fishing to the premium waters. They provide some of our very best wild trout catches. All the information you need is in your year book. Please read it carefully as rules vary across the beats.

We have a waiting list of over 400 for associate membership and every year we admit a good number of full local members. We still offer the best v