Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the Salisbury and District Angling Club, we have many miles of rivers and several lakes for you to enjoy. This leaflet sets out some of the information you will need to access the fisheries. We have a variety of owned and leased fisheries, rules and requirements can vary and seem a little confusing at first. If in any doubt ask one of our club officials.

Membership Book

membership year books

You will require a valid membership book before you start fishing. You need to fix a current passport style photograph in your book, sign across it and fill in your EA rod licence number  before  you visit our fisheries.

Every fishery has its own page. Please read it carefully, not only the individual fishery rules, but also the member rules and other guidance. All the information you will need is in the book.

Arriving ready to fish.

You will find maps and instructions for the fisheries in your membership book, car parks will be shown and signposted. In some cases there may be locks and gates. For combination locks insert code from your membership book and press button on base to operate or squeeze lock together depending on type used.  Lock it behind you and remember to scramble the numbers.  On most fisheries you will find a return book in a green box near to the entrance.

You should always sign in before you start fishing and complete the return immediately after fishing. On most game fisheries you will find a tally board with tags to indicate availability of beats. In some cases these are loose and you will choose the beat you want and keep the tag with you until you have finished fishing. In other cases these are attached to the board and you will turn over the tag to indicate “taken” and turn it back to “free” after fishing. Some fisheries have an unrestricted system where you simply turn up and fish, there will still be a return book but no tally board. On all these sites chalkstream etiquette and good manners are expected, read the se