The Ratfyn fishery is a true left bank fishery accessed along a private farm  road which runs parallel to the A303.

Parking is provided opposite equestrian stables and access to the river is then on foot. Arriving at the river the signing in book is clearly visible. There is no beat system and you may choose to fish to the left or right of the signing in book. (Please sign in.)

To the left, you will find a mowed grass access, with fringe cover to the river edge and you may fish to the road bridge which is the end of the fishery.

There are parts of the river which are not fishable from the bank, due to the growth of vegetation / reeds etc. at the edge of the river bank. But these areas can be accessed by fishing the “Countess Fishery” which is from the “opposite bank”. (See the Countess Fishery details)

To the right of the signing in book, fishing upstream, to the end of beat. Fishing here is again difficult as the reeds and bank growth are again challenging, although there are still areas of the river you can fish. At the top end of the fishery you will see the footpath which forks right, there, you will find “Ratfyn Lake” which is stocked with Rainbow trout and is one of our still water fisheries.

Fishing on the river is by upstream dry fly and nymph only for Brown trout and Grayling until 15th October. Please note that there is a security barrier in use at the entry to the lane and it is closed ½ an hour before sunset.