The Longbridge fishing is found just east of Broadchalke in the Ebble valley. Park at the roadside close to the bridge at the bottom of the beat, the return books and disc board will be found just inside the field gate. This is a two rod stretch of the River Ebble, one of the smaller tributaries of the Avon which it joins at Bodenham. This is typical chalk stream habitat with clear water, clean gravels and waving beds of weed where the fish are able to hide easily. The beat holds a good head of wild trout and grayling so catch and release is advised, some surprisingly good specimens are found at the top of the beat where the water is a little more varied and there are deeper pools. Occasional rainbow trout have been present , escapees from trout farms and the club advises that these are removed if caught.

The lower water is fringed by pollarded willow providing some cover for the angler, this is light tackle water where observation and concealment are key to success. An attractive fishery in one of South Wiltshire’s quieter valleys.