Hamer Warren is at Alderholt. Hamer Lake can be accessed from Alderholt via the road and entrance sign for Quarry Landfill Site using the access details in the club handbook. In addition from the A338 via Ibsley Bridge the road from the A338 joins up with the access road to the Quarry Landfill Site and the lake. Do check however to ensure this road is not closed as regular road works are currently scheduled to take place in 2015 from mid-March.

The lake is about 5 acres in size and offers some excellent sport. Fishing is for Rainbow and Brown Trout by fly only and the lake can be fished all year round. Members may purchase a guest ticket for this water in advance, please contact the Club Office for details.

Fishing at Hamer is best when there is a breeze avoiding still hot sunny days when fishing can be difficult. The evening rise can be spectacular. Daddy Long Leg imitations work particularly well when the natural fly is being blown off the land and trout will often cruise very near the bank to take them. Buzzer and Damsel Nymph imitations work equally well as do dry sedge patterns when a hatch is on. Blood worm imitations work well fished on a long leader. The Trout here have been described as some of the hardest fighting stocked fish locally encountered and so the use of strong tippet material is essential recommended at least to a minimum of 5lb fluorocarbon breaking strain. Other details are contained in the membership yearbook.

Seating and basic facilities are available around the lake. Note that there are currently no toilet facilities on the fishery. This fishery is particularly enjoyable to those less mobile anglers and back casting is easy but care should be taken to ensure horses behind you in the fields you fish from are well away from anglers casting. Wading is only permitted to wellington boot height due to the danger of uneven ground in the water.

All brown trout must be returned unharmed.

Guest tickets for Hamer Lake may only be purchased by Members. The tickets  can be purchased through our online shop using the link below.
Payment by Debit Cards only.
Guests must be accompanied by the Member who has purchased the ticket at all times.
Members are fully responsible and accountable for their guests complying with fishery rules.
Price £20.00