Durrington Fishery

Upper Avon, the fishery is located on the edge of a residential area south of River Park the recreation ground in Durrington. It extends for approximately 300 metres. The paths are maintained by a local residents group and, in the majority of the fishery, there are no trees or shrubs to obstruct casting. Please be aware of non fishers walking when casting. The wading section at the bottom of the beat benefits from a good growth of rununculus each year and varies in depth from between mid-calf to waist.
The fishery is immediately below a private trout fishery which regularly re-stocks. There is a good head of trout and grayling.
One note of caution; during school holidays, after school, at weekends and in periods of hot weather the area is well-used by local children who are permitted to fish, by any means, between the white markers.
Outside of these periods the area is generally very tranquil and only visited by the occasional dog-walker.  Well worth a visit, especially in early and late season You will not be disappointed.

The Stonehenge fishery  is less than half a mile away.